Learn how to build
your wealth through
property investing

Property Investor Program

What you will learn


  • Turbocharge your psychology by programming your mindset for tremendous property success through action
  • Learn and hone the one skill that every successful property investor on the planet has


  • Learn which suburbs and streets are best to buy in so that your investment always performs above market.
  • Learn to become a property investing expert by performing extreme due diligence and research before property purchase, so you don’t fail.

Property selection

  • Learn critical purchasing criteria which will enable you to purchase property investments that appreciate in value, year after year, faster than the market.
  • Learn how to buy properties that dramatically outperform the market in rental income.
  • Learn to identify capital growth hot spots, pick winning property types and follow a property purchasing criteria, to be one step ahead of the market.


  • Learn how to maximise your property valuations by up to 20% per property.
  • Learn how to add up to $150,000 extra value/equity in any property, including your home through a comprehensive understanding of the valuation process used by professionals
  • Learn to have your property valued at the highest end of the valuation range, creating maximum capital gain from thin air, for reinvesting.


  • Learn how to trade property like an expert and take immediate action.
  • Learn critical strategies to generate immediate cash flow from property trading. 
  • How to identify, negotiate and trade, and the mistakes to avoid


  • Online Q&A’s and exclusive support for guidance, feed back and direction to help you fast track your property investing wealth journey


  • Develop a personal 10-year retirement plan and project yourself to 2031.
  • Learn how to create a maximised investment portfolio of multiple properties, generating your rental income for retirement, in 10 years’ time.


  • Learn powerful negotiation tactics to buy property at discounted prices (by up to 10% below the vendor’s reserve price).
  • Learn what motivates agents and vendors and how you can use this to your advantage


  • Learn how to overcome obstacles of no deposit or no income – to acquire property
  • Learn how you can purchase multiple properties with virtually none of your own money
  • Learn advanced finance strategies to aim for up to 100% finance including Second tier, Second mortgage, Bridging, Caveat, Vendor finance, Syndicates etc. 
  • Learn how to write the proposals that professional investors use to get finance.
  • Learn how you can use the equity in your house or business, or the money in the bank, to purchase twice as much property as you can right now.
  • Learn how to reduce your risk exposure to property expenses and debt.
  • Learn how to achieve up to 100% finance using creative investing strategies
  • Learn to structure debt/equity, acquire and exit properties with joint venture partners, and how to own shares in capital gains of others properties.


  • Learn how to redesign any property to create extra value and equity with minimal spend.
  • Learn powerful renovation strategies for second-hand properties to create substantial short-term profits, with minimal personal financial outlay. 
  • Learn renovations selection criteria, negotiating, budgeting, and renovation skills and techniques for profitable renovations, on time, on the cheap by buying wholesale.
  • Learn how to structure, access, renovate, and exit the project, in short time frames

Who is it for?

We’ve designed our step by step online program specifically for people who want to build financial security though property investing.

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Property Investor Program - PropertyMojo - 10-02-2020

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The property investor program is an online course designed for Kiwis who want to make money though property investing. If you would like to see if it is the right fit for you, book a time for a free consultation.


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