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We help home owners grow their equity, buy the right properties and build profitable investment portfolios.

Property investing can make you some good money, but there is a lot to consider and it can be difficult getting started. Get it wrong and you'll not only waste a lot of time, but a whole lot of coin too. Fortunately, we are here to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

How to use your existing home
to start property investing

If you already own a home, chances are you have built some hard earned equity.  If not, we can show you how to add up to $150,000 extra value/equity in any property, including your home. 

Either way, you are ready to get started building a property portfolio for cashflow, capital gains, and financial freedom.

Success, of course, is all about doing things the right way.
This includes: 

    1. Avoiding costly pitfalls and mistakes. These can really burn first-time property investors, cost them money and stop them from trying again
    2. Avoid investing in mediocre properties in the wrong areas with poor returns. You want maximum gains not mediocre.  
    3. Avoid investing the ‘usual’ way (the slow way) which is what most other people do with slow returns. 

See heres the thing.  You might be thinking, hang on, anyone who buys property today will make money in 10 years. This is no big deal. This is not what you are learning from us. You can learn that anywhere, your friends, your workmates, blogs, webinars, chat groups. 

We’re teaching you something different. We are teaching a complete system that shows you exactly what types of property to buy, how to buy them cheap, how to structure your finances and importantly, how to make money from them.

We can show you how to add up to $150,000 extra value/equity in any property, including your home.

“The Property Investor Program is designed for Kiwis who want to make money through property investing.”

It’s specifically designed for people who don’t want to go shooting arrows in the dark, hoping for the best. We will prepare you to think outside the box, and to use every opportunity you can to build your financial freedom.

The best bit is, if you already own your own property, you can add value to it quickly to begin building your equity and start investing.

The ‘Property Investor Program’ at PropertyMojo will arm first-time investors with invaluable knowledge and strategies, to help acquire properties types and styles, through suitable methods, in hot spot locations, by undertaking extreme research and due diligence, utilising unique negotiation techniques, that can generate tremendous profits and cashflow, from the get go.

  • No more late-nights staring at your computer researching properties without any sense of direction.
  • No more agonising over potential mistakes that could leave you worse off financially.
  • No more stressing about where to buy, what to buy, how to buy, at what price to buy.
  • No more confusion over which so-called experts to listen to for advice.

We’ll equip you with the knowledge and tools and help you find the focus and direction you need to make it all happen.

Here's some of what you will learn

We will prepare you to think outside the box, and to use every opportunity you can to build your financial freedom.

We will start by completely changing your perspective on property investing and setting yourself heroic goals that get you excited. You will use this knowledge to build yourself a 10 year retirement plan. Then we will move onto advanced and meaty stuff including:

  • Adding value and equity to your existing home, a skill you that will serve you for life
  • Advanced property finance & making other people’s money work for you
  • Buying maximized property for profits, cashflow & capital growth
  • How to avoid costly property investing mistakes
  • Mastering negotiation and psychology and developing profitable relationships with estate agents and valuers
  • Tremendous strategies on renovating for profits
  • Out of the box property acquiring, trading and portfolio building strategies

We could go on and on, but time is of the essence and the best time to start was yesterday. If you are ready, then lets begin

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