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How to acquire more properties to create an abundance of wealth

There are Kiwis who are content with their 2-3-4 or 5 investment properties, and then there are Kiwis who own 20 properties and are continuing to buy more. 

There are Kiwis who make $400,000 in capital gains over 10 long years, and then there are Kiwis who make $400,000 in a single transaction in a few months.

And of course there are the majority of Kiwis who use their own money to buy property, and then there are those who build a portfolio with no money of their own. 

The difference is planning, knowledge, experience and execution.

And too often it is a case of the more you know, the more you don’t know.

Professional property investors use a plethora of strategies, such as buying for instant capital gains, property trading for cashflow, renovating for profit, subdividing, price controlling, buying below the market reserve, controlling the valuations, vendor finance, joint ventures and private syndicates, and many more strategies to acquire, accumulate, expand their property portfolios.

The New Zealand population currently sits at 4.8 million people and is forecast to double in the next 30 years. This will require an extraordinary amount of residential property to be built. What will this mean for NZ property prices?

Are you maximising the returns from
your investment properties?

Are you making money or losing money from your properties?  If you are making money, well done, but the question is, are your maximising the return potential and are you building the wealth you want?

If you are losing money in the short term i.e. land banking negative gearing, in the hope that the market will move, and you will make money one day through capital gains that can cause problems. Some of these include:

  • It takes money out of your pocket every week leaving you poorer and forcing you to sacrifice your current lifestyle
  • You are relying on (hoping) the market to move in your favour
  • Property choice (and location) become critical as it relies solely on capital gains for returns
  • Growth is limited by the market as you can’t leverage into subsequent properties until you’ve built enough equity in your existing ones
  • If the market stagnates or declines, you may experience financial stress and be forced to sell properties at a loss jeopardising your financial future
  • You may never be able to purchase enough properties to make any significant difference to your future wealth and lifestyle

What if there was a way to acquire, structure and maximise investment properties using other people’s money, that didn’t cost you valuable life time, and instead delivered cash flow, and capital gains, irrespective of whether the market moves up for down? 

The Property Investor Program is perfect for Kiwis who want a quicker, easier way to grow their property investing portfolio (and wealth).

Scale your investments and take your
property portfolio to the next level

The Property Investor Program is for experienced investors who:

  • Want to ensure they are not needlessly overpaying on properties, or making other expensive mistakes that could jeopardise their financial future.
  • Want to learn to how to buy property wholesale (up to 10% below reserve)
  • Want to learn to create equity from thin air, instantly for minimal expense. 
  • Want to learn advanced property finance to make other people’s money work for them
  • Want to learn maximized property purchasing for  profits, cashflow & capital growth
  • Want to learn tremendous strategies on renovating for profits
  • Want to implement out of the box property acquiring, trading and portfolio building strategies
  • Want to build a razor sharp plan to scale their investments and build their wealth

We could go on and on. Time is of essence, and so is space. If you are ready, then let’s begin.

Grow your portfolio and build your wealth with the Property Investor Program. Get started today with a free phone consultation.

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