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Helping great New Zealanders build wealth through property investing.

We all have a story. Here is mine.

I left India for greener pastures some 21 years ago with exactly $257 in my pocket. 

I remember the amount $257 clearly because I was scared, really scared. 

I realised that I had inadvertently jumped into an ocean, without really knowing how to swim. I went into survival mode. 

Odd jobs followed: Telemarketing, driving a bakery truck, sandwich sales door to door, launching 2 businesses, both of which failed miserably. 

Nothing seemed to be working. I was pushed to the edge. It’s painful going down the memory lane. Life was tough. Really tough.

However, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. What other option did I have? Give up?

I looked around for successful people around me and I knew someone who was hugely successful in property. While I was making $16/hour doing odd jobs, this gentleman was making over $500,000 from his property trades.

This kind gentleman took pity of my circumstances, and took me under his wings as my mentor.  

We all work hard. But my mentor taught me to add smart into hard. He taught me the ropes and I devoured and quenched my thirst for knowledge, like there was no tomorrow. 

I then rolled up my sleeves and dived in. 

After lots of trials, turbulence and tribulations, I began to make ground. 

Fast forward 14 years, today I have multiple streams of income, a substantial property portfolio, all the creature comforts that go along with. 

However I felt something was still amiss.

You see, there comes a point – usually around the age 45, when one ponders upon their purpose in life. 

Upon profound introspection I have realised that I want to pass it forward.

Over the past decade I have met and worked with hundreds of Kiwis as a financial adviser. 

During this period, I have closely observed and found that Kiwis often fall into two groups.

Kind A – Kiwis who work hard, really hard, and yet struggle to pay off their mortgage, and unfortunately as it seems, they are destined to work until their retirement age – and perhaps even beyond. 

Kind B – Kiwis who added ‘smart’ into hard (work) and transformed their personal financials, from near broke to multimillions. 

I am in awe of New Zealand, and of Kiwis looking out for each other.

I have tremendous empathy for Kiwis who dare to dream but lack the knowledge, the means, to achieve their dreams. 

I want to share everything I know about property to make a positive change to Kiwis lives. 

Through the Property Investor Program, my goal is try level the playing field. I want to empower Kiwis with the necessary knowledge, strategies and professional know-how to fast track their financial freedom goals through residential property investing.

I want all Kiwis in beautiful New Zealand to emulate my property investing success.

I started with $257 and made it happen, So can you. 

Carpe Diem.

Sunny Khurana

Husband, father, aspiring chef, and Black Caps fan, Sunny Khurana is a highly successful property investor who wants to share his knowledge of property investing with everyday kiwis.

How we can help you

In a nutshell we teach you how to find the right properties, buy them for the right price and turn them into money making assets.   It’s called the property investing program and it’s main focus is to help you make money through property investing. 

We also work with you on building the right mindset, setting the right goals and rolling up your sleeves to take action.  Because as simple as it may sound, taking action is the bees knees of successful property investing.

As a bonus – and probably the best part – we also offer ongoing support and mentorship. 

We will personally work with you to keep you focused, answer questions and make sure you’re on the right track.  We genuinely care about your success.

So if you like what you’re reading, great!  The next step is to book a time to have a chat.  We can talk about what your goals are and see if PropertyMojo will be a good fit to help you get there.

Then you can get started 🙂

Get started today with a free phone consultation

The property investor program is an online course designed for Kiwis who want to make money though property investing. If you would like to see if it is the right fit for you, book a time for a free consultation.

What we don't do

We’re not a get rich quick business

That’s not what we are about so if you are looking for that, sorry you’re in the wrong place.

Every successful property investor understands that success requires commitment, mistakes, learning, perseverance and rolling up your sleeves to getting stuck in.

We don’t do everything for you

We teach you everything we know.  But ultimately, your success is determined by you and your actions.  You need to make the most of what we have to offer and you need to make it work.  Like everything, it’s how you absorb the information and then what you do with it.  Our programmes consist of multiple training formats so you can learn the best way that suits you, from online, social, physical and simulated material. 

We don’t leave you all on your own

When you’re winning, we’re winning.  And that’s exactly why we support you throughout your investment journey.  We don’t just hand out some info and walk away, we support you with personalised mentorship and collaboration to provide feedback, direction and to trouble shoot your problems.

We don’t work with people with the wrong attitude

We’d like to make it clear – our programme requires hard work.  If you are not prepared to work hard, then we don’t want to waste your time.  Additionally, our community is built with positive like minded investors on the same wave length who share your journey with you.

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